A sultry tumble of rise up singing incantations, reverential ballads and sensual spirituals, SOUL SHINE! is unabashedly romantic, enchanting, heart-opening, soul stirring, and blush you true.

Imagine Norah Jones and Janis Joplin reading Rumi ... barefoot.

Highlighting Shelly's songwriting, SOUL SHINE! features favorite selections from her past recordings, songs from her upcoming release Wild Bird Project (featuring Grammy Winning Cellist David Darling) the debut of new, unheard works and the re-imagination of cherished covers. 

Since her return to Oregon in 2005, following an extended sojourn writing, performing and recording in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Ms. Rudolph quickly found herself in the extraordinary company of Portland's finest jazz musicians. She is thrilled to have called them together here, for your listening pleasure and heart's delight.


Shelly Rudolph, Soul Siren  
Mike Horsfall, Vibes  
Dave Captein, Bass (upright and Fender Rascal)
Tim Gilson, Cello  
Brent Follis, Cajon, tambourine, drums & other magical groove shakers and makers 

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Upcoming Shows:

September 26, 7-10

Get lit & get your shine on with the SOUL SHINE TRIO at  NONNA.

Charm & deliciousness await...