After silence... that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”

— Aldous Huxley

CUSTOM SONGS: Express Your Heart, Inspire Action, Create Magic & Share the Love

We all feel the extraordinary power of music. We hear a love song from our past and suddenly we are transported back into our lover's arms. We are driving home feeling tired and grumpy, fidgeting with the stereo when a certain groove begins and we find begin to dance in our seat, singing free with the windows down.

Music changes us. Instantly.

Now imagine a song of your own making; a song that tells your story, shares the tender mysteries of your heart, expresses the power of your mission in a way that words alone cannot.

Imagine the impact, memories and magic that you can create with your own custom song!


LOVE: Gift your sweetheart with a song that expresses your love and takes their breath away. Examples: Proposal song (can you imagine anything more heart-melting or share-worthy?), Valentine's Day, engagement or wedding gift, first dance song, father -daughter dance song, mother-son dance, anniversary or just because it's always time to tell your sweetie how much they mean to you!

"When it comes to the music of love, the last word in Romance is Rudolph." - Immedia Wire Service


CELEBRATION: Make a special occasion unforgettable! Share your joy and celebrate your loved ones with a soul-song like no other! Examples: Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Baby showers (the most amazing group gift!), graduation, life milestones, anniversaries.

"Shelly lights up a room with her sparkling energy and exceptional voice. I dare you to keep still
while she's singing!" - Leonoor I.

INSPIRATION: Looking to inspire action, create authentic change, raise awareness - and funds? Share your message and mission with a soul-sparking song that moves and motivates your audience. A powerful tool for fundraisers, wellness and team building retreats, non-profit or corporate branding and advertising, charity events and auctions.


HOW IT WORKS: You select a date, answer a few questions and make a 50% deposit. All this can be easy quick done by contacting me HERE.  After we’ve got you all signed up, the magic begins!

I've created a simple and profound practice called “Heart Treasure Mapping” to get to, yes you guessed it, the heart of the matter. I will send customized questions for your project which can be explored individually, as a couple, a family, a group - whatever gets the creative juices flowing. 

After you’ve completed and sent in your Heart Treasure Map we will make a date to chat in person, via phone or Skype. I love this part! It’s when the song begins to take shape. Once I have a clear sense of your musical tastes, personal story, message, goals and timeline I will get to work on bringing your song to life. 

We will have two check ins, allowing time for revision and collaboration. When I have the first draft completed I will send an MP3 to you for your feedback. Another draft will follow, with the new changes. I want to make sure that you are thrilled and blown away by this experience and the final product! 

CUSTOM SONG PACKAGES:  Featuring a high quality, professionally recorded version of your song. Please contact me for your personalized quote!

DUO:  My vocals with your choice of guitar or piano accompaniment. Optional bonus: Join me in the studio and sing along or sing it all yourself! I will coach and guide you through your performance. 

LOVE SONGS WITH TOM GRANT: Songwriting and recording by Tom and Shelly!

BAND: Additional musicians of the highest caliber can be added to your song. Full band, strings, horn section? You got it!

LIVE PERFORMANCE:  Create an unforgettable experience and life long, soul-nourishing memories by unveiling the song at your event!

Performance prices vary based on location and ensemble size. Please contact me to discuss. 

VIDEO: I work with an amazing videographer who will create a video to go with your song! An incredible way to share the magic of it all. Your photos and images can be used or his inspiration can lead the way.  

Creating a custom song video is the perfect way to... Surprise your sweetie! with a Proposal/Engagement Song featuring photos of you and your beloved.  Share the love: re-live and remember forever the romance by marrying your custom wedding song with images from your special day.  Reach for the sky! And reach you fundraising goals by powerfully inspiring with the combination of images, text and your musical message.